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My Works

Secrets and Shadows

"The plot of this intriguing new novel oscillates between a Jewish boy’s life in wartime Berlin and that same person’s life as a temporary returnee in 1989, soon after the Berlin Wall comes down. Author Roberta Silman carefully measures the changed and unchanged conditions in Berlin in these two eras, both for the city at large and for Jewish-German relations..."
-- Philip K. Jason

Buy Secrets and Shadows at www.campdenhillbooks.com

Blood Relations

“[Here is]...the great joy and suffering...that come from being attached to places, to things, to other people...When we are told the ego...is the proper stage, Roberta Silman is giving back the reader history, in all its connections: soil, blood, tribe, family.”
--Melvin Maddocks


While vacationing with her children near the tip of Long Island, a young Jewish widow with three children meets a local potter, born in Germany, the son of a wartime Nazi. Despite their very different backgrounds they are attracted to each other,but barriers, within themselves and without, threaten their relationship. "Boundaries is a wise novel about complex people with complex histories, needs, and hopes." -- Gail Godwin

The Dream Dredger

"The novel’s title refers to the Hudson, in which Lise drowns while pursuing a dream of life as it ought to be; and one of the most attractive things about this attractive novel is its loving description of the river, its lore and its effect as a mirror and consoler of the lives of the novel’s sturdy, vivid, and affecting characters.”
--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Beginning the World Again

"It's rare to come upon a novel that confronts a subject so large. Roberta Silman has done a truly masterful job of bringing together the complex parts of the Los Alamos story--the science, the history, the place, the personal lives."
--Helen Del Monte, Fiction Editor, McCall's

Somebody Else's Child

Winner of the Child Study Association Award, 1976.


This children's book concentrates on Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo.