Somebody Else's Child won the Child Study Association Award

Blood Relations won Honorable Mention for both the PEN Hemingway Prize and the Janet Kafka Prize.

Boundaries won Honorable Mention for the Janet Kafka Prize, two stories were winners in the PEN Syndicated Fiction project and another story won the National Magazine Award for Fiction. Boundaries was also optioned for a movie by Linda Lavin.

The Dream Dredger won a Washington Irving Award.

Beginning the World Again won a Washington Irving Award.

Selected Works

New Fiction!
...penetrating psychological novel that plumbs the depths of how an individualís guilty secrets can undermine his inner life and his marriage.
Short Stories
Direct, compelling, painfully honest, these moving stories dig deep beneath the surface of family life.
Earlier Novel
Tender, affecting novel that explores the pain of loss, and, in its wake, the arduous task of building anew, Boundaries reveals Roberta Silman's rich, absorbing perception of the priorities, the limitless reaches, and the insistence, of love.
A complex tale of joy, loss, and madness which ends in mysterious drowning.
A novel about the women whose husbands went to Los Alamos to make the atomic bomb.
Children's Book
A children's book about adoption.
The book concentrates on Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. It also deals briefly with contemporary physicists and astronomers.